Draperies- Window Wednesday

Today on Window Wednesday I want to talk about the term Drapery.  What is it exactly?

According to Websters Dictionary…

Definition of DRAPERY

plural drap·er·ies

1.   British : dry goods

2.   a : a decorative piece of material usually hung in loose folds and arranged in a graceful design 

      b : hangings of heavy fabric for use as a curtain

3: the draping or arranging of materials
As you see it is a pretty broad definition.  When I hear the word drapes I specifically think of pinch pleated draw drapes.  The kind that use hooks and are hung on a traverse rod.   You know the very traditional window covering.

 source-House to Home
Don’t let the stuffy image of Grandmas Draperies scare you off from using them in your own home.  There are many ways to freshen and update the look of these tried and true window coverings.  Pleat, rod and fabric choice will all come into play when going with this option.

source-House to Home


source-House Beautiful

source-House Beautiful

source-Country Living

source-Country Living

There is also the French  or Euro pleat- This is one of my new favorites.  Simply it is a standard pleat, except instead of tacking it together in the middle it is tacked together at the top.  I find this style of drapery fresh and casual.

How about a pencil pleat?  Fresh? Yes.

source- House to Home

And then there is the Goblet or Cartridge pleat.
I am not sure they are for me, but definitely another option to mix up the traditional drapery.

The use of Drapes in your home have many benefits, not only do they soften your windows, they insulate, dampen noise and allow you to guide the feeling of your room.

Don’t rule out the drape.